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I can’t belive how time flies…  this is about to end, and I don’t want that to happen.. 

At the end of February I made a trip to Xi’an an amazing city full of history and delicious food!  

As you may know, every time I travel and I have the opportunity to buy tickets for a food tour I take it .. I think that is a very good source to discover the local food from the city without making mistakes. This tour also gave me another experience that was the transportation that they use in the Muslim quarter the “Tuk tuk” is a little bike that looks like a small car that is only allowed inside of the Muslim quarter ( a place that they have an enormous variety of different foods and flavors) Just as a little fact, Xi’an has a large Muslim population. 

Biang biang mian is a local type of noodles incredible amazing. And as a fun fact it has the most difficult Chinese character


I can’t explain how amazing they were. I came back to Tianjin looking for them 

This is a sour and spicy egg soup. I loved it because the sour and the spicynes were perfectly balanced ! 

Babaozhou cold and sweet porridge. It is a cold rice pudding with dry fruits, nuts and seeds. Something very different from what I’m used to eat , but super tasty! 

Lamb and beef kebabs are sticks with lamb or beef made in BBQ style spread with cumin and mix of chili and served with bread! 

This is an interesting local soup made with pieces of bread and beef. 

And here are some other pictures..  

And here is some of the local Tianjin food 

This experiences of traveling to new places, eating new food, meeting new people, and learning more about other cultures have enhanced me a lot in my personal and social life. It is an amazing opportunity to open your mind and to see what the world has to offer you ! 

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