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Time is flying faster than ever, as I approach the other half of our program I am finding myself involved and busy than ever. Classes just finished with midterms so I got a chance to relax and get ready for the next half. These past couple days have been very busy, as a group we students signed up to help sophomore and freshman students with their essay writing, to help improve their english. I am very excited about this activity and getting to help out as much as I can. I have signed up throughout the week where I am free so I can balance this with school work. My colleagues and I will begin this next week, and get to work with multiple students each. 

        For the upcoming weeks I have planned to visit the city of Qingdao, this city is full of rich history and beautiful architecture. The city is located along the yellow sea and home to some delicious seafood. I did get a chance to visit last semester but it was such a great time that I want to visit it again. This time I plan to explore of the historic sites and see more of city as I will spend a little more time in the city. We plan on leaving in the next couple weeks, I am hoping for warm weather that way we might be able to go to the beach there. 

           The last couple weeks have been full of celebrations as we celebrated on our friend Celine’s birthday. We went out for some mexican food in the city, it really is some of the best mexican food I have had. Surprisingly you can find many different types of food. I have a favorite shawarma place and along with a fantastic burger place called Paku-Man burger, they serve the most unique style of burgers. Being a return student, I have come to understand the city in terms of directions to places and where certain places are located generally. This is very convenient when walking around the downtown area as most streets are becoming familiar to me. I have focused more on exploring Tianjin this semester and looked into more depth of its culture and it never fails to amaze me.

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