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Welcome to Jamaica|Arrival day


After several months of planning and preparation, we arrived in Jamaica. Yay! Once we completed the immigration process, refreshments were waiting for the use of the Sandals concierge at the airport. Next, the luggage was tagged, and we were on our way for a two-hour drive to Beaches Ocho Rios. Finally, we arrived on the property and were greeted by all the managers and their furry friends, Elmo and Grover. We took a few pictures with the team and then checked in. At check-in, we received cold, refreshing beverages and cold towels.
Later that evening, there was a welcome dinner on the Beach where the CEO and the Directors joined us. This dinner allowed us to network and hear about the managers’ career stories. While listening to their stories, we enjoyed some delicious authentic Jamaican food and fresh fruits. The sugar cane was terrific! A live band sang Jamaican folk songs while we danced the night away. We ended the night by watching the circus act and prepared for another exciting day.

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