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Visit to Cinque Terre

By May 16, 2023May 23rd, 2023Hospitality in Genoa

We began our day by making our way to Cinque Terre. We made a quick stop for a snack, and stopped at the first village to begin our journey through all five villages. We hiked along the path as well as taking the train in between the villages. We took in the scenic views of the colorful buildings on the mountain side and the coast. The overtourism of the region was something that we took notice, as the majority of the people walking were not locals and the area was very crowded. We were able to still enjoy some of the views, eat some food, and head back home.

The next day, we mostly did some general upkeep, such as laundry, cleaning, and packing for next week. We explored a handful of churches in our area, and admired the beautiful paintings on the ceilings, which tell so many different stories. In one church, we got a tour of their collection, and it was very interesting to see how a small church can have so much history. We then had a delicious sandwich, and made our way to the grocery store to buy a couple of items to make an extravagant dinner together as roommates. We made a pasta, along with a board of meats and cheeses. We enjoyed our night in Genoa before our traveling the next following days.

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