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Vigo, Spain

By May 14, 2018June 13th, 2018Hospitality at Sea

May 14th, 2018

Vigo is Iberian Spain’s westernmost city. It is right on the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by it’s mountain landscapes. The city is a seafood fan’s dream, where oysters hardly travel more than a mile to your plate. YUM!! Vigo’s location also gives it a microclimate with temperatures up to five degrees warmer than other Galician cities. Unfortunately, when I first arrived in Vigo, the weather was very gloomy and dark. But, it’s Spain, so everything was still beautiful!! From wine tasting, hiking, site seeing, museums and food tasting, there is plenty to do here in Vigo.

My first stop was Parque Monte del Castro, where I was able to admire the gardens, statues, monuments, fountains, and views. A couple of friends and I hiked up the entire hill to the very top of the park. It was a great workout! There are many stairs and trees with pen spaces and playgrounds. When we reached the top, there was an amazing view of the mountains and the ocean. Also, the parks history can be experienced through the archeological remains, statues, and monuments.

The rest of the day in Vigo (since it was a short day at port) was spent drinking some sangria, shopping, and food tasting! The stores were basically the same in each port city. The sangria was best in Malaga and Vigo. Lastly, the food was DELICIOUS in Vigo!

Churros are a fried-dough pastry, based snack. They’re very different from the churros we find on the boardwalk in the states.

Mushroom Risotto is a typical Italian dish. Although, its main ingredient is rice, which is the basic ingredient of paella too, so this dish also has a good reception is Spain.

Croquettes are a heavenly creation in Spain. Croquettes are a breadcrumbed and fried roll of food leftovers, usually bound with bechamel sauce or mashed potatoes.

-Sacelia Rose~Marie

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