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Trujillo, Peru

By December 15, 2018January 28th, 2019Hospitality at Sea - Winter 2018

We have a short time here in Trujillo (about 5 hours). We disembarked the ship around 9am and hoped on a bus, which brought us to the city center.

We all ask, “What is there to do in Peru?” 

Everyone’s response on the ship was, “Eat!!”

We all tried so much food in the past three port stops, including this one! I have to say Peruvian food has been the best!

Since Christmas is around the corner, the locals were attending church and there was a parade going on in the city. Most restaurants and stores were closed, but we made the most of it!

Since we didn’t have that much time in the city, we made sure we kept the night going strong on the ship!! We all met up for dinner and celebrated life!

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