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Trip to Tuscany


On our ninth day, we embarked early to Pisa, where we saw many iconic sights. One of them, of course, was the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It was exciting to see how engineering led to what we see today. We spent time taking the typical pictures people take at the Leaning Tower and then decided to buy tickets to enter the Cattedrale di Pisa, which was beautiful on the inside. We soon left Pisa for Lucca, a lovely smaller town with historic walls. We ate some food and rented a five-person bike to ride along the walls. It was very fun and an adventure! We finally head to Florence, where we had a delicious meal with pasta and Florentine steak. It was definitely different from what I was used to.


On our day in Florence, we got a quick breakfast and started our walking tour. We saw the main Cathedral, which was stunning, and Ponte Vecchio, an iconic bridge in Florence. I enjoyed my time looking at the statues outside, such as the replica of David. I spent my free time going to the Uffizi Museum, filled to the brim with beautiful art. The Birth of Venus was amazing in person. The ceilings were all painted, and the hallways had amazing statues to walk by as well. My favorite room was definitely the Botticelli room. After this, we started our journey to Rome.

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