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Tips when traveling to the Happiest Place in the East!

I knew that traveling to China was going to be a life-changing experience because of what the country has to offer when it comes to culture, cuisine, it’s people, and tourist attractions. Together ten adventurous, international students came together and began to plan their next adventure to Disneyland in Shanghai, China! Shanghai Disneyland is truly unlike any other Disney resort I have been to!  Its delicate attention to detail, unique attractions, and overwhelming magical atmosphere made this trip truly memorable for years to come. Below are my overall tips, suggestions and firsthand experiences to enhance your trip when traveling to the happiest place in the east.

Purchasing your Disney land ticket:

Our Disney adventure was scheduled to happen on a Friday, and we wanted to avoid having to make any unnecessary lines to save time so we purchased our tickets online on the official Shanghai Disneyland website. The website was user-friendly and made the process very easy. After creating your personal MyDisney account, adding your passport number, and credit card number, you have the option to receive a text message or email confirmation to present at the ticket office. Please make sure to bring your passport when presenting your confirmation number. The ticket price for Shanghai Disneyland was 357 RMB which is $55 US dollars, an extremely economic ticket price compared to Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida which is $100.

Disney Land Mobile Application:

I would recommend downloading the Shanghai Disneyland application beforehand for further assistance and information throughout your day at the theme park. The application was useful to see the current wait times for the attractions (which helped us decide which attraction to go to next), the park map, and dining options. Another amazing option the mobile application had was the fast passes.  Because we were a group of ten, we were able to scan all our park tickets and secure 10 spots for one of the attractions. When we arrived at the attraction at the time we were scheduled, we rode the attraction within 5 minutes, while the regular waiting line was over an hour. Fast passes are free, but they run out very quickly so try to secure yourself a spot.

 Arrive Early:

 To fully take advantage of your Shanghai Disneyland experience, I highly suggest arriving early. Take into consideration the traveling time whether it be taxi, subway, or shuttles and walking to the park entrance. Normal operating hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. By arriving early, you can easily enjoy a quick breakfast in Starbucks, that is located near the park entrance, which is what did.  We wanted something quick and semi-filling because we knew we wanted to enjoy Disneyland treats throughout the day. Lines will be guaranteed throughout your day trip, but with an early start you can easily glide your way through the ticket box and begin your day.

Eat, Eat and Eat:

Take full advantage of all the delectable Mickey Mouse-shaped treats that are all over the park. I personally ate like no tomorrow, eating personal favorites such as candy apples, Mickey Mouse pretzels served with honey mustard, Donald Duck waffles with ice cream, corn dogs, veggie burgers and so much more. In my opinion eating all of these magical treats completes the Disney experience, so please disregard your diet and enjoy.

Top attractions:

Shanghai Disneyland offers a variety of attractions and, as a group of thrill-seeking college students, our hands down favorite attractions were Tron Lightcycle Power Run and Pirates of the Caribbean. Tron Lightcycle Power Run is by far one of the most modern and unique rides that I have ever been on. In this ride, you are hunched over a futuristic speeding motorcycle and zoomed off at high speeds into caves covered in neon lights and in a blink of an eye you are speeding through the outside dome where you can see all the tourists staring up at you. You can literally ride Tron 7 times back to back from how addicting it is.

As a personal fan of all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I was extremely excited to see how Disney would create this into an attraction. Pirates of the Caribbean is an animated ride that takes you on a adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow. The animation created for this attraction is breathtaking, making you believe that you are no longer in Shanghai but that you in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean battling Davie Jones and his crew. Pirates of the Caribbean will leave you feeling brave and heroic after the quest. These two attractions are a must in Shanghai Disneyland and I highly recommend getting fast passes for both attractions.

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