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Time to get to work


Early the following day, we got breakfast, then proceeded to the morning meeting to discuss which departments we would be in for the next two days. After the meeting, we received a resort tour from Ms. Ruth. Seeing that this was our first time on the property, this tour came in handy. During the tour, we saw the different room layouts they offer restaurants, the smoothie bar, the pool, the slide, the kids camp, and the gift shop. The tour lasted about an hour.

We then took the hotel shuttle to Sandals resort which was about 25 mins away from Beaches. Sandals is a resort solely for couples who are not couples who cannot stay at the resort. Our tour guide for this resort was Ms. Linsey. While on this property, we saw the Rabbit hole, which is only on the western side of the world. Next, we took a quick 10 min lunch on the property from the Jerk Shack. The jerk chicken, jerk sauce, and festival were terrific! After lunch, we continued our tour of the property. We took a golf cart to Romeo and Juliet suits and the hunt over the ocean with a glass bottom where people get married and can see the fish under them.

After touring the property, we had to head back to Beaches, where we split into various departments. For my first department, I chose Human Resources. The team members that work in this department welcomed me with open arms. I was given a rundown of what takes place in the department. After work, I headed down to the pool with the rest of my classmates to enjoy the rest of the evening.


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