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Till we Meet Again Dubai

By December 26, 2015December 29th, 2015Dubai


I don’t even know where to begin. Our trip to Dubai has been beyond amazing and exceeded all my expectations.

I have always taken an interest in tourism and marketing strategies for a tourist destination, so I naturally found the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing Presentation to be quite fascinating. In this presentation we learned how Dubai has grown in the past few years and what they plan to do to accommodate the World Expo in 2020. I think many of us can agree that this presentation was not only the most informative but also entertaining. Along with the presentation we were able to see how social media plays a huge roll in attracting tourism to the great city of Dubai. Many of us were intrigued at how we can easily connect with other social media users with the use of hashtags that are frequently used in Dubai.

Even though the presentations were enjoyable, nothing, and I mean nothing, was more enjoyable than the Desert Safari and Dinner Show. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is traveling to Dubai. At first I was a but skeptical being that I’m not an outdoors type of person but I loved every minute of the Desert Safari. From the bumpy roller coaster car ride to the relaxing dinner in the middle of the desert.

Both of these experiences enabled me to see different sides of Dubai. From the Desert Safari showcasing a little of how Dubai used to be, to the tourism and marketing presentation showing what Dubai will become, I gained a lot of knowledge about Dubai and it’s past and future. Professionally, I will know to never judge a country based on what the media may portray. I was hesitant about the trip being that media outlets always show so much controversy with culture. I feel more knowledgeable and appreciative of their culture, and I can only dream that other cities will soon follow the footsteps of Dubai and its tourism. Overall it was an amazing trip and I feel truly honored to have gained the information I did and to have traveled to such an evolving city.


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