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Tianjin First Impressions

Tianjin Eye Experience


During our stay in China, it seems as if the weeks are going by really fast. Since we first landed we have come a long way, at first we couldn’t do much because of barriers such as not having a phone with data or having a Chinese bank account set up, which made things a little harder for us. We got all these things sorted out and after that everything came easy, getting transportation, ordering food, and paying through mobile. I got all these things sorted out as fast as I could, so my journey would be as convenient as I could make it.

As a group we have become very close and I am glad that the people around me have the same intentions of making the most out of this adventure. We have gotten to see things such as the Tianjin Eye and the Tianjin Library. We have tried various different, local, popular restaurants such as Haidi Lao, and another place called the Old Ship Bar, which was primarily Chinese barbecue. Even with classes, all the students who attend here are very friendly and helpful.  They go out of their way to help us at any chance they have. We have gotten to travel to many places because of our newfound friends that guide us.

The transition for me personally was not a rough one at all.  Because of the setting and the people around me it was easy to grasp the way things work around me. In terms of the classes, I enjoy all my professors’ teaching styles; they are all very interactive and like to include students in conversation. The material is well-presented and I haven’t found it difficult to study the content from each of my classes. And now that the midterms are approaching it’s time to hit the books…

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