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The last day in UK

By December 23, 2014London

This is our last night in the United Kingdom, and we will go back to Miami tomorrow. When I saw the schedule for the first time, I thought that December 22 will be wonderful because this is the only free day that we have. However, when I waked up in the morning, I was thinking like “Are we had to go outside? I’m so tired that I cannot afford walking for another day! Please let me die in my bed!!!”  It seems like that there are 10,000 miles between my bed and the bathroom in our room.


We went out to mailed postcards for our friends, some of them living in China, some of them living in the USA, and we were confused by all the different kinds of stamps, which is the third thing that made me crazy after I arrived in England. The first one is the subway, or I should call it “underground” in the UK style. If you want to choose the one that you are going to take from so many different lines, you need to pay attention to the words on the head of the train. This is the only way that can help you, because there are different district lines with different destinations, circle line, country line, and overground. And the second thing is their coins. Back in America, there are only four different types of coins, one cent, five cent, one dime, and quarter. However, there are eight types of coin in UK! One penny, two penny, five penny, ten penny, twenty penny, fifty penny, one pound, and two pound.


Since I was so tired, I decided to take a little nap before dinner in order to enjoy my farewell dinner in UK. Unfortunately, I lost my way. It took me more than one hour to get on the right line. I got on the circle line at the King’s Cross St. Pancras station. While waiting for the subway carried me to the Bayswater station, I start to review my trip in London.


London was my dream place once I was in university, how I wish that I could been there one day. It is the study abroad program which makes my dream came true. The Big Ben, the London Tower, the Westminster abbey, the London Bridge, the St. Paul’s, the London eye…All of these places made me caught a glimpse of the culture of London, or the Unite Kingdom. We laughed here, we walked here, and we visited the Pure Events, the Fuller’s Griffin Brewery, the Hilton Hotel, the Gatwick Airport, and the “All England Lawn Tennis Club” and listened to different people’s explanations about companies which they are working for. I should say that it gave me a clear thought about what could be include in hospitality industry. It is not only things about tourism, hotels, events, but also about what kind of culture or spirit that you want to show to your customers.


How I wish that I could lost in the culture of British forever.

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