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Today was our first official Friday here in London; and so far it has been a spectacular stay. As indicated in our itinerary, today we visited one, if not thee, best tennis stadiums on Earth: Wimbledon (The All England Lawn Tennis Club).

We had the pleasure of having Ben as our host, who introduced us to very great and detail-oriented information in which he takes part of all year-round, only to have the stadium open for championships, which we were informed starts in the beginning of July 2015.  Hospitality did not stay behind in this magnificent orientation. The stadium hosts at least three different types of tiers for hospitality in which fans and/or players from all around the world are able enjoy during these remarkable and memorable games. As hospitality majors, it was vital for us to learn about this remarkable club found in the heart of the British and how applying dedication and finesse in such a detailed manner could really bring back, not millions, but billions of viewers every year.

After some free time, some of us were able to experience a 3D movie played in the miniature theater, which provided a taste of what it is like at the stadium when the games come around.  It was also intriguing to learn about the amount of interest they have in regards to growing and preparing the grass for the players.

We learned about how this historical and famous sport in England dates back from the 1860s, and we learned that women used to wear large corsets and were even paid less than men to play. Fortunately, women are now being paid the same amount as men and no longer need to wear such large and heavy corsets.  What they wear now are typically white short skirts with undershorts that have a one fourth inch logo either on the shorts and/or chest area. Other players using a more fashionable line rather than a sporty line place this logo on the sleeve of their top.

We also learned about the substantial amount of money that players earn when they win a tournament, which turns out to be approximately £ 25 million, split between five hundred players.

Though the temperature in weather dropped significantly today, the group still managed to get through the cold winds and withstand their chilly hands. Despite our time coming to an end, we also had the chance to go to Bea’s of Bloomsbury around St. Paul’s Cathedral.  There, we had the opportunity to enjoy our favored English tea along, with some absolutely amazing sweet assortments under beautiful teapot lights. It was definitely a great experience here because the group was able to see what the culture is like here in London, and we had a taste how the British enjoy their tea.

Today we not only were we able to see the beauty and activities that this city has to offer but we were also able to experience and learn about it, which is a great endorsement for those who are considering to study or move to London.

Since we were near St. Paul’s Cathedral, which had a handful of attractions, some of us withdrew from the group and enjoyed the life around the city by going skating at the Somerset House, enjoying a variety of pubs, or even enjoying all the different activities in the famous Piccadilly Square. The group really enjoyed these very informative and once in a lifetime experiences with FIU, and we are happy to show you our experiences through pictures.   Enjoy!

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