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The Beginning of my Adventure to China!

By August 18, 2016August 19th, 2016Marriott Tianjin China Program

China is the world’s most populous country with lots of delicious food, merchandise, parks, temples, and much more. How could I not visit? I have been dreaming to go to China since last year and here it is, finally! I am very excited and I cannot wait to start on this journey with 7 other students of Florida International University. It brings me joy to know that others are interested in visiting China as much as I am.

There are many ways to prepare for this trip. The way I prepared for this trip is by taking care of my bank accounts and making sure to create a travel plan. I have also prepared by taking all the vaccines needed for China, as well as other medications. I have packed the necessary items or maybe even more. I have also filled out all the paperwork with Dawn Fagnan. Thank you Dawn Fagnan for your help! On the pictures below (left hand side) are my 2 luggage for the trip. In the picture in the middle is a picture of me having a departure Chinese theme party/ birthday party, since my birthday is on August 23. The last picture on the right is a picture of Chinese money (yuan) that I exchanged at the Dolphin Mall before my departure.

I believe this experience will enhance my knowledge on a different culture. I know that this semester in China will bring more success into my life and much more independence. I am a person who hasn’t even been outside of Florida, and I have found the courage through FIU to go out there and see the world from a different point of view. I have to finish packing and be warned, I am taking way too much stuff. China is only a couple of hours away, and I am so nervous, but also very excited. You will soon be able to see the beauty of China through my eyes. Until next time!



Ready for ChinaIMG_2566[1]IMG_2640[1]

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