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This was the first Thanksgiving I was away from family. The Golden Panthers helped us feel at home by throwing us a big Thanksgiving dinner. The turkey was very delicious!  We played karaoke, virtual reality, and  “guess the liquid” games with the Chinese students that put on the event for us international students. I was very grateful and thankful for the Thanksgiving dinner. I felt right at home with caring people thanks to the students and teachers that worked to organize a happy Thanksgiving dinner.                                                                               

During one of my weekends before the Thanksgiving break, I went to a wedding in Qinghai, which is in the North Central part of China. It was my first time seeing snow in person! It wasn’t much snow, but it was cold and wet in my hands and something different from the hot tropical weather of South Florida that I’m used to.                                                    



Qinghai has beautiful snow mountains and tasty desserts. The people are also very kind. The Chinese wedding was different from our weddings in the U.S. The woman will dress up in red, and the man has to play games to win her. It was a very tearful, romantic moment.   

After my little adventure and the Thanksgiving holiday, it was time to prepare for final presentations, projects, tests, and my departure. My group presentations were a success, and the Chinese students were great to work with. I practiced my presentation skills and used teamwork to get tasks done. 

The day before I left China, I tried Chinese cupping on my back and saw Aqua Man in the movie theater. Yes, the movie was in English.

3 Three Days after leaving China, I walked across the stage to earn my diploma. I took a piece of China with me. I wore the red flower crown around my head that I got from a mountain in China. This was a wonderful last semester to end the journey of obtaining my bachelor’s degree. I am very grateful for this experience! I recommend everyone to take this study abroad journey in China, it will change your life for the better!


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