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Final Weeks! (Departing)

By Marriott Tianjin China Program – Spring 2019

Yes, final weeks here in China and of course I get a little sentimental. But on the bright side our study abroad group traveled as part of the FIU China program package to a segment of the great wall in Tianjin. About two and half hours on bus and we arrived to what seemed to be a short distance wall to walk/hike, but in reality a real leg day workout. Nevertheless, we started our journey up to the last part of the wall. Sun beaming, field trip kids screaming, and our tour guide falling behind we grew closer and closer with every step. After about an hour of hiking we all felt hungry, alright, I felt hungry. We continued to hike for another hour until we reached the top, took group selfies, took a selfie with a random stranger (his idea, not mine), and made our way down right on time for lunch. We all ate together in a restaurant nearby, enjoying several Chinese cuisines — it was a great bonding experience. After that we headed back, I finally got to watch The Notebook on the three hour ride back.

We made it to the top! ( Pictures above )

Ohh…Celebration was in the air, smiles, skipping, and most of all pictures & caps being thrown up in the air. Graduation had arrived, and our FIU students didn’t hold back — they earned it. I only got to see the small celebration, like outdoor pictures being taken wearing their cap and gowns. Accompanied with indoor pictures and small food portions being served and not the actual stage walk (my flight leaves a couple days before -_-  ), but it was amazing to see their faces in a foreign country. It gave me an appreciation for the program there in China and how hospitality is rapidly growing even overseas. Overall, I loved the time spent here and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The professors are knowledgeable, the school representatives welcoming, and the students are amazing to work with. I for one will be coming back soon!

Here we go Costa Rica!

By Costa Rica

I am very excited to be leading a small but mighty group of FIU students to Costa Rica!  I know it will be not just an unforgettable personal experience but also a lifetime learning on our industry that will provide a new perspective as a responsible global traveler.

Throughout the 9 days we will see first hand what is a Sustainable Touristic country though the eyes of a tourist, hotel operator, locals and  officials.  I look forward to reading our students’ experiences and views on sustainable operations, eco, volunteer and indigenous tourism.

Vamos a ver Pura Vida!

We will be using the following hashtags in social media- feel free to follow us!  #fiuhospitality,  #fiugoesabroad, #fiupanthersabroad, #CostaRicaSustainAbleTourismFIU

Yours Truly,

FIU Adjunct Professor Diana C. Beltran


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