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Since We’ve Parted

By December 26, 2015December 29th, 2015Dubai

Visiting Dubai has truly been an experience I will never forget. Studying abroad with the Hospitality Management students has given me insight to new levels. We got the opportunity to hear about behind the scene productions of what makes Dubai such an amazing country from presentations by Kerzner, Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing, and Nakheel as well as having fun at different attractions such as Ferrari World, Ski Dubai, and the Desert Safari.

The Nakheel and 2020 Expo presentations have definitely been the most inspiring of the entire trip. Since I’ve reached home, all I’ve been discussing is how unified and innovative Dubai is. The Nakheel real estate developing company is responsible for many of Dubai’s greatest landmarks such as Palm Island and World Island, just two of the many man-made island that shows their ingenuity working towards a vision to be the most influential place in the world, in addition to their residential and retail projects. It was amazing to be able to hear about their future endeavors to become of Dubai. I’ve never heard of the 2020 Expo before entering this class, so to be able to hear from the creators themselves, the plan, and theme of the exposition “Connecting Minds, Creating The Future,” as it’s being created is truly a blessing. As the spoke about the different aspects of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability being the three main concepts, it showed how unified the country is and that everyone has the same common goal to be forever growing towards a better Dubai.

I believe Dubai should be the ambassador of the world. It sounds crazy but they truly understand the need to be great as a society, we must all stand together as a force.



The Nakheel building


Model of Palm Island in the Nakheel office


Model of the 2020 Exposition

Of all the attractions, the Desert Safari was definitely was the most thrilling, surpassing riding the fastest roller coaster in the world at Ferrari World and visiting the tallest building in the world.  Our driver Siraj definitely made the ride through the dunes an adventure I will be able to talk about forever. I’ve never been so excited yet scared in my life from doing nose dives and driving sideways in the truck through the dunes. It’s so beautiful to be in the middle of the desert and feel such peace with God’s masterpiece.



The fact that Dubai is being newly built off of western ideas with so many different nationalities living there yet they still can see the greater value in working together as a unit is something extremely admirable. I truly believe that simple value of standing as a unit is something that I will take with me anywhere I go. It’s as simple as the saying “there’s no I in Team” and it’s the ultimate truth. With a team of strong individuals there no reason for one to not be successful in this life. This trip has truly helped me see that there is more to life than what we see in our every day routines. I’ve always known that but when you see the breakdown of every aspect of a country’s workmanship/government from its tourism to its real estate developers it is not the same picture you depict in your head.

I can say that as a professional I will take the value of unity and stress it everywhere I go. I want to thank all of you for making this experience one that I will forever be grateful for! It was truly amazing meeting all of you, and I hope to see you soon!

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