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See You Later London

By December 23, 2014London

It has passed a week since we said hello to London, and the time has come to say goodbye. London is a truly amazing city that combines tradition with innovation. The city is replete with remarkable buildings that hold years if not centuries within its walls. On the other hand, London its home to the most innovative places when it comes to design, gastronomy, and fashion. In addition, the city offers unlimited options for leisure and recreation from its beautiful green spaces to magnificent museums. As any global city in the world, London faces some challenges such as astronomical rents prices, high taxation, and racial issues. However, the advantages of the city upset its challenges making London a desirable place to live-in and visit.

Well enough about what makes the city great and lets highlight what made The London Adventures 2014 an unforgettable experience. If we had an MVP award for the trip, it would go without a doubt to no other than Tia Maria. With her spark and energy, she added a Cuban flavor to the trip and London in general. She’ is a true diva and very kind with her fans. In fact, she when on and display some of her talent in the underground (subway) and I have a video that could become viral if it makes it to you to be. There have been talks about a possible movie but were yet to find the right tittle. In the mind time just follow her @tiamaria and play for the chance to have the Cuban Tea Time with pastelitos y colada at her castle in downtime Hialeah.


The runner-up for the MVP was Jorgito Barreto with his high high high high energy and charisma. He was always enthusiast about any activity extending his vitality through Miami’s top hits and latest fashion trends. He really had wings but its flights were sometimes or almost every time delay. It made me happy he came to London and that he had his own room to recharge. I’m sure that nightlife at London wont be the same without him.


London gave me the opportunity to meet with old high school friends and colleagues who show me different parts of the city having the chance of visiting some of the most amazing hospitality venues in the world. Also, It was a pleasure to share the room with Rafael or Ricardo or I don’t know Rafael Ricardo, meet his sister, and take care of his mother calls.


Everybody had a free day today. Some people explore different places around the city, others revisited the places they loved the most, and others used the time to take advantage of the amenities at Lancaster Gate Hotel. From my part, I spend the day falling love with London. My most remarkable visit was to the Victoria & Albert Museum, which is filled of porcelain and ceramics from all over the world, incredible dresses from different eras, and an arrange of distinctive furniture pieces. It truly shows how great royalty celebrated and how they spent there spare time or I mean all of their time. It is probably one of my favorite museums in the world created by whose many people consider the greatest queen in history, Queen Victoria.


It is time to say goodbye to London or preferably see you later. It has been an incredible experience and hopefully one that would enrich our careers as well as personal lives. Happy Holidays to everyone and best wishes.

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