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Santiago, Chile

By December 22, 2018January 22nd, 2019Hospitality at Sea - Winter 2018

It is a bittersweet moment for myself, the professors and the rest of the students!!!

Our last day!

Our trip is officially over and I cannot believe it. These two weeks flew by….

Half of us loaded on the bus to the airport and the other half loaded on the bus for a wine tasting excursion at the winery! When we arrived at the airport, I checked my bags in because my flight was later in the evening. Then, a couple of friends and I hopped in a taxi and headed into the city.

RECOMMENDATION: Make sure you find a taxi driver who gives you a SET price and keep reminding him/her of the price you agreed on thoughout your drive. If your driver asks you if you want to stop at a certain landmark, ask if the total price will change. (Yes, I did have one minor dilemma with a taxi driver.) We agreed to pay $80 total for a four-hour tour around the city. By the end of our tour, we were forced into forking up $120. This is a story for another time!


SANTIAGO! Wow! I thought I was in New York City the whole time! Beautiful parks, buildings, street art, and culture. I didn’t know what to expect of Santiago because I didn’t do much research on this port stop, but I can say that I loved being here. I would even come back and stay for a week! At this time, the city was a little crazy because of the holidays. Our taxi driver told us to be careful and hold on to our belonging tightly. And so we did! Thankfully our day went very smooth. 

We visited: 
-Plaza de Armas de Santiago
-Las Condes
-Jardin Japones Cerro Santa Lucía
-La Chascona Casa Museo 

We chose to eat at a Peruvian restaurant on our last day in Chile. Simply because we couldn’t resist.

Unfortunately, our adventure-filled day came to an end. We headed back to the airport, grabbed our luggage, and headed to our assigned gate. We still had a couple of hours before our flight took off. We met up with a couple of professors and students who happened to be on the same flight! We all grabbed some dinner and reminisced about the amazing memories we created in the past two weeks.

This trip was truly one to remember. My eyes opened up to the world even more, and I was exposed to so many cultures. Until next time, South America…

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