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Rome and Fernet!


Our morning started with a quick breakfast, and we soon left to start our walking tour. We saw the iconic Spanish Steps and learned some interesting facts. We walked to the Trevi Fountain, and saw the huge crowd there which is typical. A couple of us made wishes and took some photos, as well as admired the statues. We had a stop at the Pantheon, once a Roman temple and then Church, and went inside. It was very interesting to sit down and think about all the history that occurred there. In our free time, we went to the Colosseum and walked around the outside. We had some lunch, and head back to the hotel to retrieve luggage to start our journey back home.


When we arrived in Milan, we started our walking tour in the Duomo di Milano, a huge church with many unique statues on the outside. We explored the main shopping center, where some of us did the fun tradition on the bull. There were many shopping options in Milan, where we explored and got a quick bite and gelato. I decided to head into the Duomo and its Museum, and admired its architecture on the inside. The stained glass was very lovely and had many inque images. Afterwards, we went to the Fernet Branca Distillery, where we saw the business museum and learned more about its history. We learned about its production and interesting facts, as well as seeing the huge barrel it is kept in. There was also the tasting, which was fun, and soon we had our journey back home.

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