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Reflection 7 – The lasts days :(


Day 13 – Free day

We were all pretty tired from the entire trip, so this free day was very much needed! We slept til the 11:00am and then we decided to go souvenir shopping. We went to the the stores that are down by the port area as well as the classical Via XX Settembre stores. Around 3pm, we went to a restaurant that is close to the port to have our last lunch together! Throughout the day, I was kind of sad the the program was coming to an end. After that, we decided to head back to our apartments to finish packing and get ready for dinner!
We got all dressed up and went to our last group dinner to the Michelin star restaurant Rosmarino. The food was absolutely delicious! Also, after dinner, we decided to hang out a few more hours in Piazza della erbe. This was the last time I saw all the students that participated in the program. I was sad that the program was coming to an end, but so happy to have made all those wonederful friends that I’ve never would’ve met if it weren’t for Hospitality in Genoa.
Moreover, that night the local soccer team had won an important match, so people were out celebrating on the streets. It was pretty cool to see this celebration! What a coincidence that it happened in our last day!

Day 14 – Departure

All my roommates had early flights, around 3- 5 am. Therefore, we said goodbye to each other the night before.
When I woke up, the apartment was empty. I had to take out the trash and clean the apartment a little to leave it ready for the housing agency. Since I am staying one more day in Genoa, I packed my bags quickly and decided to chill in the apartment til it was time to leave.
I am honestly going to miss that apartment and my roommates so much! The connections we made in this trip are forever and I really hope we stay in touch!
Throughout the day, I kept thinking about how much I enjoyed this trip. I had a great time with all the students and the professors! It was my first study abroad, and I can say it was unforgettable.
I hope I get the opportunity to do this again in the future.

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