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Reflection 5- Tuscany!


Day 9 – Pisa, Lucca and Florence

This is when we started our mini trip, where we left Genoa for 3 days. We started the day off by taking a train ride to Pisa, which is further south in Italy. Professor Rice gave us a quick tour around the city and then we went to the leaning tower of Pisa. Surprisingly, I expected the tower to be more inclined, but still, when I saw it for the first time I was shocked. After taking a million pictures of us and the tower , me and my roommates bought tickets to the church and baptistery that surround the tower. Everything was really beautiful!
After that, we took the trenitalia to the city of Lucca. This is a smaller and less touristy city compared to Pisa, you can find wonderful views of the mountains and the Tuscany landscapes. After a quick tour, me and my roommates went on a city bike around the city wall that surrounds Lucca. This was a very fun and beautiful experience! After getting gelato and walking around the city, we headed back to the train station to go to Florence.
In Florence, we had a group dinner. We enjoyed Tuscany cuisine, including what Professor Rice recommended, the florentine steak. Honestly, it was too raw for us, but it was still delicious!

Day 10 – Florence & Rome

This was a rainy and cold day, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the wonderful city of Florence. I had watched a TV show about the Medici family before coming here, therefore, I was very excited to visit this city. I LOVED IT! This was my favorite city that we visited so far! The duomo, the ponte vecchio, the palazzo medici, and all the incredible sculptures and artworks that the city has! I am definitely coming back here. Although this was a very touristy city, compared to the other places we’ve been going to, the city layout, the river, and all the sculptures and history that Florence offers make it my favorite city!
After spending most of our day there, we took a train to Rome, where we had a group dinner. I got the carbonara pasta, since it was created in Rome.

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