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Reflection 2 – Coast and Coffee!


May 9th – This has been one of my favorite days so far! We started the day in Santa Margherita, a beautiful coastal town that was famous in the 19th and 20th century. I loved this little town, specially because it wasn’t filled with tourists and we got to walk around the town as locals. Moreover, I loved when we went into a small bakery and talked to the nicest Italian ladies that worked at the bakery! I also loved the views from the classical and beautiful Portofino, where we got to eat gelato! Thereafter, we took a boat to San Fruttuoso, which I would definitely come back to! This little place was very small but charming at the same time. First of all, there were a few tourists and lot of locals. Secondly, the beached were just amazing, with crystal clear water. Me and my roommates got to go to Da Laura, a trattoria under lemon trees! There I got to try a delicious pesto lasagna! To finish the day, we took a boat to Camogli, another coastal town that’s very famous. Although when we got there was cloudy, we sat by the beach and relaxed for a few hours.

May 10th – We started the day off by grabbing a quick snack for the train ride early morning. It was very early, but I love train rides so I enjoyed the ride to Turin. The ride from the train station to the Lavazza headquarters was interesting, taxi drivers in Italy are a bit crazy while driving, but it was fun! we got to Lavazza and we spoke to the senior coffee trainer that gave us a tour of the Lavazza training center and the factory. This was a unique and interesting experience that I never would’ve done if it wasn’t for FIU. I’ve never been to a factory before, so visiting a coffee factory was amazing, since it is one of my fav outfits drinks. I learned a lot of the coffee process and production. After that, we visited the Lavazza museum where our guide, Mattia, gave us a wonderful tour of the place!
In the afternoon, we got free time to enjoy the rest of Turin. We decided to visit the cinema museum, which is famous for its wonderful view from the tower. We took the elevator up, and enjoyed Turin from the heights!

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