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Prepping for Dubai

By December 10, 2015December 15th, 2015Dubai

I am so excited, it is almost time to go.  I have been setting small things aside to pack for awhile, but now both suitcases are out and I have paid for the final portion of the class, which makes it all the more real.  I am not thrilled about being on airplanes and in airports for a day to get there, but here is hoping everything runs smoothly.  I have been downloading apps (See Momo WorldTime App pictured below.) and testing my tech prior to our flight.  I can’t find part of my travel adapter/ converter so I guess I will be running an errand to buying another one AGAIN.

Time Zone App Yuck, look at that time difference.

The educational visit that I am so anticipating is the Expo 2020 Dubai. I am studying event management at FIU so this is the insider’s tour for the ultimate in event planning.  I hope to gain some excellent insights in how they are staging this event that I will be able to re-purpose in my current job of Event and Exhibit Coordinator of the South Cluster for Broward County Libraries.   I know that is a super long title, but it came with the position.

World Expos are not only a one time event, but similar to hosting the Olympics they help transform neighbors for the future use of the locals.  The 2020 Expo will begin Dubai’s Golden Jubilee celebration.  The theme is “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.”  New plan, I need to visit Dubai again between October 2020 and April 2021 to see how the Expo turns out — who is up for a reunion trip?

2-Dubai-Expo_Birds-Eye-Evening---Credit-HOK Aerial Night View of Expo 2020

A very tourist activity that I am looking forward to is visiting the historic area of Dubai Al Bastakiya.  When I visit a new country I always liked to start with viewing their past because I feel like it gives you a greater connection to their culture,  so I am thrilled that this is how we begin.  This area dates back to 1890 and, while it is maintained by the government now, it was almost lost in the 1980’s.  At that time half of the district was demolished in order to build government offices.  The remaining area was also scheduled to be demolished at the end of the decade, but according to Wikipedia was saved by the activities of British architect Rayner Otter and Prince Charles. Pictured below are the wind towers that were how homes were air conditioned in the past and a greater number of towers were a sign of prosperity.  Located in the area nearby is the creek and our abra ferries to the souks. Shopping!

Bastakiya in Old Dubai Wind Towers in Al Bastakiya

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