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Where is home & what makes up home?

Home is said to be where your heart is… leaving Miami once more to explore a whole new world seems like a fantasy, like something that would only happen in my fake movies. But leaving the comfort of the United States is something long overdue!

America has been my home for my whole life and even though it is only a few months, I will be living for the rest of this year in CHINA! I am ready to submerge myself in the locals’ views and lifestyles to make sure I make the best of my trip! Never say never, but I did not think I could ever live outside the USA.

Let’s see how this experience comes along and if this American girl can live a whole new culture — and not only live it, but love it! Zhōngguó wǒ láile! (China here I come!) Stay tuned for my adventures around China! #fiuhospitality #fiustudyabroad WeChat:Angelicamm6

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