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The moment has arrived! Tomorrow I will be boarding a flight to my new adventure. My name is Jennell, and I am a senior graduating in December at the end of this trip! This moment is so surreal; I am elated! I would have never thought I would take on such a journey.  I hope to learn and embrace the new environment I will be studying in!

This is a great way to finish my bachelor’s degree. I will take my last classes in Tianjin which is a great asset towards my future career. I want to run a Beach-Front Hotel one day. In doing so, I will have to interact with different cultures; therefore, this trip will be a great experience that can aid in preparing me for success. I am truly grateful this program exists!

I was so excited that I told everyone I was going to study in China this Fall. I spent tireless hours packing neatly and ensuring I have everything. I ended up removing some stuff to make space. I even ordered Chinese money that is beautifully vibrant and colorful. It reminds me of Monopoly money. I also learned a few basic words prior to arrival in China. I hope the other students are as thrilled as me to share this adventure together!

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