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Pre-Departure Post for Dubai! Yay!

By December 10, 2015December 15th, 2015Dubai

Hello! My name is Becca, and I am a senior at FIU. In just 4 days we will be leaving for Dubai. Since the first thing I will be seeing is the hotel, I figured I would post a picture of it! We are staying at the DoubleTree.

I am very excited for our trip because we will be seeing many sights from the Burj Khalifa to Ferrari World. I have mixed emotions about Burj Khalifa because I have experienced similar structures in various locations; New York City (Empire State Building), Chicago (Willis Tower), Vancouver (Harbour Center) and Seattle (Space Needle). I am curious to see if the tallest building in the world feels different from the tallest building in the United States and other tall city structures.

We are also getting presentations from Nakheel on Wednesday, Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing on Sunday, and many more in between. Nakheel is a real estate developer in Dubai and creator of several land reclamation projects, including the Palm Islands, the Dubai Waterfront, The World and The Universe Islands. As a seasonal cast member for the Walt Disney Company and a frequent park goer, I love a nice monorail ride, and we will be experiencing monorail ride through the Palm Island after the Nakheel presentation.

I am just adding the final touches on my packing list and double checking that I have everything I think I will need. I am a little nervous but mostly just excited. I have talked to a lot of people about my trip and some of my friends have warned me of the culture shock (which is to be expected to a certain degree in every place that you travel). One of my friends who visited Dubai last May said the desert safari was her favorite, and based on the itinerary/description, I think it might be mine too! But we will just have to see!!

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