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I’m so excited to be participating in this study abroad program, let alone get to be traveling to another country for the first time! Greece is definitely a dream destination of mine, so I’m happy to go on this 9-day trip while continuing my hospitality studies 😀


What I expect from this trip is to learn about Greece and the locations we will be visiting, which are Delphi and Aegina. Not just to physically be there, but get to know about the culture, explore the environment around me, and of course try the food. I’m also expecting to learn about hospitality in Greece as it says in the name of the program! I know as part of the itinerary we will be visiting the Wyndham hotel, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they operate and what differences there may be compared to how American hotels operate. Then, there’s the 90+ degree weather to *not* look forward to. That heatwave I’ve been hearing about recently hasn’t been helping either. So, I’m expecting to wear a lot of sunscreen but still sweat profusely.

What Have I Packed?

I tried my best to pack light, but I think I’ve done the opposite. I went shopping about two weeks ago and bought a few short sleeve tops along with shorts so as to prepare myself for that hot Greece weather. I decided not to get any packing cubes and just fold all my clothes neatly on one side of my suitcase, while shoes go into plastic bags on the other side. Additional things I’ve packed include a small bag to walk around with during the trip, two baseball caps, and sunscreen.

Did I Forget Anything?

Plans After The Trip

After leaving Greece, I honestly would like to take part in another study abroad program. Maybe not again in the same year, but definitely next year in 2025 before I graduate or when I’m an alumni. There were definitely a few programs I saw for next year that caught my eye.

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