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Pre-Departure: 3 Days!

Hi, everyone my name is Mario Urgiles, and I’m a sophomore at FIU. I just finished my first semester last Fall 2018. I transferred from MDC where I received my A.A, and now in 3 days I’m flying across the ocean thousands of miles away from home. I still can’t help shake off the surreal feeling inside, still in disbelief the opportunity given to me to study abroad. And for that I’m grateful – four months of experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime.

Coming from a Hispanic family is a blessing and all, except when it comes to being away for long periods of time. Well, let’s say the mom is not so happy seeing me leave. You get that occasional “Ay mijito, no te vas tan lejos. There’s great places to study here.” And of course, the twin brother; my partner in crime my entire life. The bond between us is special, weird like I can understand/communicate with him without even talking and that goes with feelings. It’s weird, but yeah never been away from him for so long either. It’s a challenge that I look forward to exploring. The worst thing is that he won’t be here when I arrive back. He will be studying in DCP (Disney College Program) for seven months. So yeah, my departure is bittersweet because I know I will enjoy my time over there but when I come back everything is different.

After endless hours of researching and packing the correct luggage, I’m ready to depart to China. The thought “Eh, everything is made in China so I’ll just buy that over there if anything, it’s probably cheaper too” has echoed in my head with every piece I packed.

Anyhow, my pillow and I are ready for the 14-hour flight to China!

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