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Here I am, back in reality. Back at home, back to work, back to Miami’s traffic and back to daydreaming about Dubai. It almost feels too real that I was able to travel across the world and meet such a fascinating culture and large sense of accomplishment. Being exposed to this great city sets forth a new visual perspective of what the world has and could accomplish; most importantly, in such a unified and respectful fashion. What was most impressive to me is the way such a multi-cultural society is able to function in the most gratifying and excellent way to give wonderful service/catering to the tourists.

On the eighth day we visited one of the Emirates Office Towers to learn more about the World Expo in 2020, which will take place in Dubai, UAE. Future structures and catering being planned in Dubai is only a bonus to the already great hospitality they have to offer. With what Dubai has planned, I feel confident that this city will be able to provide magnificent world-class service for it upcoming world-class event.


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Unfortunately, Dubai faces obstacles with its reputation due to unflattering circumstances in surrounding countries. But despite this, I have seen great potential for the people from Dubai and I am confident that they will succeed in bringing in 28 million visitors to Dubai by 2020. Everyone was very generous, polite and helpful that it just made me think so much about how we are a diverse nation in the United States, yet the manner in which tourists are being treated are extremely distinctive. In which way? Well, I can say that I’ve never experienced such amazing service from the moment I arrived, till the moment I left. I am certain that Hospitality majors who have traveled or will travel to Dubai leave with the sense of pleasure and new ideas that may perhaps be implemented in their own workplace, as Dubai has left us all star-struck with the amazing innovative and sophisticated hospitality.

With such a great experience, I have planned to make a second trip to Dubai. Most likely during the Expo in 2020, but this time I’d like to share the experience with family members. Since I have been back home, I’ve told them all about Dubai, and just as I am, they are fascinated! Though they have not physically been there, they are more than excited to actually go over and experience the city for themselves.

The last day was memorable, I enjoyed the view from the Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency , it was simply wonderful. I would also love thank Mozhgan for making this all possible and most importantly for her warm and loving personality. She was the absolute best and I swear I wanted to put her in my pocket. Her knowledge and polite attitude made her approachable every single time. She is an excellent tour guide and once again, would love to thank her for taking so much of her time to guide us on what was the best study abroad class ever!

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Back in Miami.

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