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Popular Cruising Questions

By January 2, 2019January 28th, 2019Hospitality at Sea - Winter 2018
  • Roughly, how much money will I need for each port?

Shadee: “I probably spent around $30 per port, that is including tax, food, and souvenirs”.

Dyani: “It depends on the port. Some port cities were more expensive than the others. South America has the most amazing food, therefore, I brought extra cash for meals”.

  • Will I experience home-sickness?

Dajia: “Since I am a shopaholic, I do not know exactly how much I have spent at each port stop. But, I know I did spend a total of $600 off the ship and $360 on the ship”.

Shadee: “I did not necessarily experience homesickness, but by the last couple of days of our trip, I was ready to be on land and off of the ship.”

Dyani: “I did not experience homesickness. If I did, I think the best way to deal with it would to keep reminding yourself to “live in the moment”. You’ll never get these moments back and be able to take a college course on a ship, while traveling and meeting so many people. It is truly a blessing. Take advantage of who you meet and spend everyday on the ship with because you’ll be home before you know it”.

Daniela: “I did experience homesickness. In order to feel better I kept reminding myself that opportunities like this are once in a lifetime. I kept myself surrounded by the people in the same classes as me and this helped keep my mind off of home”.

  • What do I need to bring to class on the ship?

Sacelia: “It is always good to bring a notebook, pen, and folder. I recommend printing and preparing your material before you get onto the ship because you never know when the wifi can loose connection”.

  • It is my first time cruising, will I be okay?

Sacelia: “YOU WILL BE OKAY! 🙂 There is nothing to be scared about. Cruising is an amazing experience”.

Dyani: “This was my first cruise ever! I was terrified of getting seasick, so I brought many different remedies with me. Thankfully, I did not get sick! Some other students did get sick and they said if you keep yourself focused on something throughout your day it helps from getting sick”.

Dajia: “This was my first time cruising. My biggest concern was being left at a port. But, I made a great group of friends and we stuck together at every port to make sure no one was left behind. I recommend creating a Whats App group chat with your travel friends”.

  • How will life after study abroad be?

Shadee: “Life after our trip is pretty good! I am happy to be back at work. After talking with students and professors on the ship, I now feel like I have a better grasp on what I want to do in the Hospitality Industry. So, when I arrived back in Miami, I cleaned up my resume and applied to many jobs!”

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