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In our fifth day, we began the day by exploring the Aquarium in Genoa. This aquarium is definitely one of the best I have been to, as they have a variety of wonderful animals. I would say the penguins and manatees were a highlight for me. We continued our way to our cooking class in the evening, in which we cooked a great meal with guidance. We made things such as gnocchi with pesto and foccacia. Grinding the pesto was a feat in itself, along with making the gnocchi dumplings. We finally finished and we’re able to feast on our multiple course meal, ending with tiramisu.

On the following day, we made it to the Piedmont region. At first, we stopped at La Morra. We basked in beautiful views of the rural region of Italy. We visited a gorgeous winery, Agricola Bandini, for a tour on wine production. We saw the outside along with their barrels and steel tanks for fermentation. I learned plenty I did not know about wine before. The wine tasting was delicious, as well as the four course meal. It was a diverse menu with veal, ravioli, and gelato. It was one of my best meals, and the best moscato I have tried.  I thoroughly enjoyed the authenticity of the setting and the food. 

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