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Ni yào zhīdào shénme

After a great trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou, we returned home. A few days after being home we were pleasantly surprised with snow. I have been looking forward to seeing it since we landed. It has been a while since I last got to enjoy seeing snowfall. I decided to take a stroll and let it sprinkle on my face and hear the crunching of the snow under my boots, this made me very happy. Sad to say it did not last long at all a couple of inches for a few days is all we got.  When it all cleared up the next was a visit to Ancient cultural street as well as Italian Style street. There were some great finds there. Before we leave I need to go back and explore some more.

The next stop on the tour is to Xian to explore its culture and history. With the flight and room booked we were ready to go. Our flight into Xian was late so we decided to get a goods night rest and start fresh in the morning. Xian is known for the Terracotta Warriors, the Bell and Drum Towers, as well as the Ancient City wall and many more sites to see. With four days and our trusty map we ready to visit all the great spots. Yes, we relied on a good old map not google or Baidu we went old school. Fortunately, our homestay was in walking distance of the Bell Tower which began our journey. Not too far was a stroll to the Drum Tower, where we were able to listen to a live drum session. Once we were done exploring we headed right below on the North end of the Drum Tower to the Muslim quarter. I felt like I was in Disney all over again with the number of people. I couldn’t even focus on that because of the wonderful smells that were coming from the food stands. There were so many stands, and shops in every corner, on every turn that it would take a good two full days to get through everything, but we only had a few hours.

Day two to the Terracotta Warriors had a lot to see and a journey to get there that it required a whole day. We had dinner at a restaurant at the end of the tour where I was able to try the famous Xian biang biang mian noodles and it was delicious. This was the best accidental meal that I had. I chose this dish because it was the only noodle dish on the menu that had only veggies that I could tell. I suggest that everyone should try it if they can at least once, you won’t be sorry you did.

We decided to take a night visit of the City Wall which was beautifully set up with lanterns for the New Year festivities.

Our last night we visited the Big Pagoda and the music fountain. As we explored the Pagoda we were able to see some beautiful artwork, a parade, and even a mini concert. This leg of the journey enhanced my experience in China.

I finally was able to schedule a time to visit Beijing which was great. I attended a women’s empowerment luncheon, where I got to also try an all-vegan menu. The talk was great, the women I met were wonderful, and before heading back to Tianjin, I stopped by the 798 district. This was a great spot to look at some wonderful artwork and enjoy some coffee at one of the cafes. It was an old factory area turned into an art district. A lot of cute cafes and tons of artwork everywhere. There was even a locomotive from a train where the built a café around it, Ace where I had a cup of coffee.  I do need to revisit Being and explore a little more, so I am looking forward to it. I did not have a chance to visit any other locations so I need to plan another trip before we leave.

Although my midterm trips were exciting, I am also sad because I know our time is coming to an end. I look forward to informing you all with my final steps through China. There is just so much more to see with so little time left.

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