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My Arrival to China!

I didn’t realize I had arrived in China until I was on a bus to TUC- FIU campus, where I would be spending 4 months of my life. I definitely could say that arriving here was a culture shock, and till this day, I still am shocked.

When I first got to campus, I realized that it was huge. For instance, eating your meals with chopsticks and people driving crazy (make sure to look both ways at all times on and off campus). Those are some of the things that really made me feel like I was in China. On campus, there are a lot of things that are offered. For example, it has various places to eat, convenience stores, a bank, laundry services, etc. In addition, students at TUC are very friendly and willing to help with anything you need, but they are very shy, so you have to approach them first. The room that I am staying in is pretty big: two beds, a TV, a closet, a bathroom, little tables, and a desk set for two people.

The picture on the left is a picture of me, when I arrived at the Beijing Airport. The picture in the middle is a picture of the group taking our first ride on the metro. The picture on the right is the TUC-FIU campus, where we live. My experience in China has so far been good, and I hope to keep experiencing such great things.


Let’s continue the adventure!


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