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Most likely leaving my heart in Dubai

By December 19, 2015December 22nd, 2015Dubai
It’s with a heavy heart that I must announce that we have completed day 4 of physically being in Dubai, which has been a beautiful and outstanding experience! Our outstanding tour guide, “Ms. M” (Mozhgan),  has shared some phenomenal information that that has allowed us to learn more about the rapid development the UAE has produced in a short period of time – approximately 20-40 years.
On Wednesday, we were privileged to have learned more about the Nakheel Project at the Nakheel Sales Centre. We learned about how the fast-paced development turns ideas into reality. Interestingly enough, not only is infrastructure being added onto the Palm Islands; they are intelligently creating them to be safe for everyone as well as eco- and tourist-friendly. From the flashing lights on top of high skyscrapers to guide the flying planes, to air conditioning in the bus stops to keep people cool, Dubai is emerging into this futuristic city that people like me cannot resist!
They have everything here in Dubai! I’m always in awe with all the wonderful ideas that have been placed on what was once just desert. At the Nakheel presentation, we also learned that all the sold properties in the World Island have either high or low density, meaning if someone bought an island that has low density (they used less sand), they cannot have a huge skyscraper or large hotel with other large prortioned features because the weight would be too much for the man-made island to sustain. We also know that 70% of the islands have been sold. I was really impressed with all the information and models that they had in their building as well as their building techniques.
When we went to the Burj Khalifa yesterday, I was simply amazed of seeing architecture at its finest. To begin with, we got on the fastest elevator in the world which reaches the top of the building in a about 1 minute to the 123rd floor! Just like everyone else, I felt my ears pop the entire ride. When I got to the top and looked up I became scared because it was just too much to think that I was so high up. I swore the building was moving! It was really hard to wrap in my head that all the tall buildings from the ground now looked so belittled! The view was simply beautiful!! I enjoyed every second of it and hope to come back to Dubai again.  I am seriously in love with this place! & with all honesty, I am not home sick at all!!!
I <3 you, Dubai !
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