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The day in Florence began with a rainy start, dampening the spirits of many. However, I couldn’t contain my excitement and donned my flashy rain jacket, ready to explore the city. Professor Rice led us on a tour, showcasing the city’s magnificent buildings, the resilient bridge that survived the war, and a golden-nosed pig known for bringing luck when rubbed. As soon as the professor mentioned it, I sprinted towards the pig, enthusiastically rubbing its nose. Energized and determined, I was fully engaged in the tour.

Afterward, we had some free time, and my friends and I were eager to visit a vintage jewelry shop we had heard about. Although the line was long, with only six people allowed inside at a time, we patiently waited for nearly two hours. Finally, it was our turn, and Jerm bought a necklace, while Pauline treated herself to a ring and a pair of exquisite earrings. The wait may have taken up a significant portion of our free time, but it was worth every minute.

After our long wait at the vintage jewelry shop, we were ready for a satisfying meal. We found a cozy Italian restaurant where we indulged in delicious pasta dishes. The comforting atmosphere and laughter-filled conversations added to the dining experience. We paired our meals with glasses of fine Italian wine, making it a memorable and enjoyable meal in Florence.

Later, we indulged in some shopping, with some of us finding stylish clothes and myself purchasing an adorable tote bag featuring a baby angel and a little cat reading “Puss in Boots.” We had fun exploring the city before heading back to the hotel. As we gathered for our group meeting, exhaustion caught up with us, and we unintentionally dozed off in the lobby. Once we regrouped, we collected our belongings and made our way to the train station, ready to embark on the next leg of our journey to Rome.

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