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Malaga, Spain

By May 11, 2018June 13th, 2018Hospitality at Sea

May 11th, 2018

 Malaga is a port city on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol. This city is blessed with their high-rise hotels, resorts, hilltops, and yellow-sand beaches. Personally, I believe Malaga is underrated because this city is far from lacking in energy! From the moment we got off the ship, there was PLENTY to do and see. Luckily, the city center and beach is walking distance from the port. At first, I was looking for a taxi to bring me into the city, but I recommend walking to your destination and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

There are an array of excursions and activities to do in the city. Personally, I chose to walk Malaga on my own with a group of friends and it worked out in our favor! We rode on the Mirador Princess ferris wheel, which was only 8 euro for three rides. The most breathtaking views can be seen from the very top of the ferris wheel. Next, we took a horse carriage ride around the beach. The horse brought us to the beach and back, where we were able to see Plaza de Toros where the bull fighting takes place. Located in the center of the city is the famous street, La Calle Larios, where shopping can be done the right way! Make sure to look out for two clothing stores called Pull and Bear & Bershka!








For those who like to have a solid plan when traveling, Carnival provided excursions such as:

  • Kayaking in Andalusia, where students entered caves and paddled around the sea.
  • Exploring Cordoba, where students had the chance to see how the three monotheistic religions lived in harmony through architecture and narrow flower filled streets.
  • Horseback riding, where students were able to see the countryside on the back of a horse.


We had a pretty lengthy stay in Malaga, which is not a complaint! The day was filled with adventure and the evening was spent at the beach for most of us. Just past our port, you’ll find Malagueta, the most popular beach in Malaga. Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented for a small fee for those who wanted to relax before boarding the ship. For those who worked up an appetite after their excursion had the opportunity to eat at one of the beachfront chiringuitos, small seafood restaurants that line the sand.











~Sacelia Rose-Marie



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