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Lisbon, Portugal

By May 13, 2018June 13th, 2018Hospitality at Sea

May 13th, 2018


Lisbon is the stunning capital city of Portugal!! Lisbon is said to be one of the most vibrant cities of Europe. It is a city that effortlessly blends traditional heritage with striking modernism. Portugal offers history, adventure, a buzzing nightlife, gorgeous beaches and is blessed with a glorious year-round climate.


We had a beautiful day here in Portugal. Again, students had excursions and some explored the city on their own. We did not have much time in Lisbon, but we made the most of it.

  Now, I would love to share some top places visited during our stay in Lisbon!!


 Sintra is a resort town in the foothills of Portugal’s Sintra Mountains. Very close to Lisbon, with a 30 minute car ride or an hour bus ride.  Sinatra is said to be a Portuguese fairytale because of a longtime royal sanctuary, its forested terrain studded with pastel-colored villas, and its massive palaces.




Cabo Da Roca:

Cabo da Roca is a cape, which forms the westernmost point inland of Europe. When there was no knowledge of the world being round (they thought it was flat), they thought this was the point where the world stopped. Here is where the lighthouse, that was completed in 1772, stands tall at the edge of the ocean. The beautiful scenic overlook is a popular spot for tourists, who enjoy the view from the cliffs that was once the end of the world!








Bairro Alto:

Biarro Alto means “high district” and is found atop one of many hills. Today, Bairro Alto is basically a center of nightlife and restaurants in the center of the neighborhood. Every section of the neighborhood is made up of narrow cobblestone streets, local grocery’ shops, butchers, and bakeries. Laundry hangs from iron balconies and the chatter of caged birds fills the air. As I was walking through the streets, we stopped and spoke with a server in a small cafe. In perfect English, he told us, “At night, all changes. The shops close and the bars and restaurants, invisible during daylight hours, open up”.

It was 3:00pm and ready for us to board the ship again! Students had the chance to layout by the pool and take a nap, warm up in the hot tubs, or grab a late lunch at the buffet. Next stop, VIGO, SPAIN!!

-Sacelia Rose~Marie

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