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Lima, Peru

By December 17, 2018January 22nd, 2019Hospitality at Sea - Winter 2018

Today was a special day! We are a week into our trip and I feel as if the students officially formed a family. Every night, we all have dinner together and discuss our plans for the following day. In the morning, we all meet in groups according to what excursion each group is doing for the day.

Today, Henry arranged an itinerary for our group with his friend who lives in Lima. His friend arranged for a driver to pick all 14 of us up from the port. When I say “14 of us,” I mean ALL 14 of us pilled into one van. It was an adventure, for sure. Now that I look back at it, all I can do is laugh at this crazy memory we made! 

1: Breakfast! We all ate empanadas and had our coffee fix. Even though we had an itinerary, we still strategically planned what we would do next….

Gabby: “I want to visit the Larcomar Mall that’s by the bay since I’ve heard very good things about the place”. 

Congrats Gabby!! We found the Lacromar while driving! It was beautiful!! YES, this mall was literally on the edge of this cliff. (Pictured below) 

2: Sightseeing! We drove on the coast of Lima to see the beautiful scenery! We hopped in and out of the van to take pictures so many times because it was just so pretty. When I looked to the right, it reminded me of Hawaii. When I looked to my left, it remained me of Miami.

3: Abregu. We walked around a beautiful park. Passing by a church, cafes, greenery, bridges and rivers. So peaceful. 

4: Lunch at Panchita. We made reservations for all of us to try the best Peruvian food in the city! We all sat and had the best time trying new foods, drinks and sharing conversations. 

Check out our dishes..

5: Shopping! I felt bad for the men, but the girls have to shop! We went to the Indian market where we found handmade goodies! We found beautiful purses, jewelry, and clothes and shoes made from Alpaca!

I believe everyone had a really good experience in Lima. There were plenty of excursions and activities to choose from.

Thank you, Lima. You will be missed.

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