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Life After Study Abroad….

It’s been 3 weeks since students disembarked the Carnival Horizon. Yes, this is a sad thought, but FIU students have been handling life pretty well after study abroad .

Let’s see what some have to say about where their journey took them after the cruise…



Abigail Moon, 20. Flew back to Georgia the day we disembarked the ship. Abigail had a couple of days to spend with her family and friends before she had to pack her bags again and head back to NYC. For the past two weeks, she has been interning for the Yankees baseball team in the Human Resources department, where she looks over 2,000 employees. She has a lot of interaction with the employees and handles any problems that may arise during the baseball games.

“I have been working so hard! It is really making me miss the amazing group of friends I’ve made on the ship.”













Steven Wiltbank, 26. The morning we arrived in the port of NYC, Steven had a short 50 minute drive to his home in New Jersey. Lucky him! A couple days after the cruise he went through a training program with a master spin instructor for his certification. He succeeded and has been working for Tandem Cycle Studio in New Jersey.

“I am saving all the money I am making from the studio, this summer, to plan my next cruise in February!” 











Zack White, 21. Working hard for “The Plant Guys” to learn some of the hardest forms of work in society, so he can fully appreciate physical work when he is successful in the future. He plans on putting his hard working money into the stock market.






Lisamarie Christina, 20. At first, Lisa was hesitant to go on the study abroad cruise, but she decided to go and make the best of it! Since the cruise ended, she has been waitressing 5/6 days a week. She plans to save her money this summer to rent her own apartment and focus more on her sorority ~ Phi Sig~.













Nina Dimarzio, 26. Did the big move to North Carolina just 1 week after the cruise! She is attending a new school and began her training at Ft. Knox. She received amazing new this week about receiving a scholarship from the military! The cruise has given her amazing memories, friends, and knowledge. Also, the cruise gave her the relaxation she needed before she began her training.

“My move to North Carolina after the cruise went better than expected! Its a completely new atmosphere here compared to Miami. My new school is treating me well! I do miss FIU and it will always be apart of me.”














-Sacelia Rose~Marie


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