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Island Learnings: From Housekeeping Heroes to Entertainment Extravaganza


Day 3 at Beaches Resort has been a whirlwind of learning experiences, showcasing the diverse tapestry of roles that make a resort function flawlessly. This morning, I embarked on a journey into a department that holds a special place in my heart (or maybe not?): housekeeping.

Now, full disclosure, I’ve dabbled in housekeeping during a past internship. Let’s just say cleaning up after…well, let’s just say it wasn’t my favorite experience. However, today’s experience completely transformed my perspective. My amazing trainer, Christena, showed me housekeeping the Beaches Resorts way. It wasn’t just about cleaning; it was about creating a pristine and comfortable haven for guests. Christena’s dedication and meticulous attention to detail were truly inspiring. I gained a newfound respect for the hard work and dedication of the housekeeping staff, the invisible heroes who ensure a flawless guest experience.

The afternoon brought a shift in gears as I delved into the world of resort entertainment. I toured the vibrant Teens Korner, a haven for young guests, and the pulsating Gaming Center, guaranteed to ignite friendly competition. But the real highlight was the dance side of entertainment. With the help of some patient instructors Teddy and Panda, I finally perfected my “Drift” moves – a victory dance that will surely impress back home!

The learning didn’t stop there. I even picked up the art of bracelet making, a skill that’s sure to come in handy for future gift-giving occasions. The energy and creativity of the entertainment team were contagious, and it was clear they were passionate about creating unforgettable memories for guests of all ages.

Today’s experience was a potent reminder that a successful resort is more than just luxurious accommodations and stunning scenery. It’s about the dedication of its staff, from the meticulous housekeepers to the energetic entertainers. Each department plays a vital role in creating that unique sense of place that keeps guests coming back for more.

So, here’s to Christena and the entire Beaches Resort team for showing me the magic behind the scenes! Stay tuned for more insights as my eco-tourism adventure unfolds.

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