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Into The Belly of the Beast

For the first day and a half in Jamaica, I shadowed Chief Anglin, the department head of engineering and maintenance.  The number of systems and services they have to maintain within the Beaches Resort is pretty amazing.  The staff of 38 has to maintain supply inventory, pay vendors, and service water, sewer, generators, water heaters, the cooling/ AC system, kitchen equipment, a water park, roofing, and any number of other systems throughout the resorts.  Meanwhile, they have experts who are room techs, electricians, plumbers, stove experts, refrigeration/AC techs, tile/flooring, carpentry and more while also paying outside vendors who do things like painting, scaffolding, roof repairs, etc.  They also have to hop to it for every guest request that comes in.  While we have been here, a guest grabbed a bathtub faucet trying to get out the the tub, snapping the pipe inside the wall and flooding several rooms below.  Then, an electrical transformer by the water park caught fire in the middle of the night and they had to hustle to check out their panel after the utility made repairs in time to open the park by 10am.  It’s a constant state of chaos, and they have to respond to any and all issues while also keeping up a regular schedule of maintenance and repairs which trying to stay within a budget.   It’s a function not for the faint of heart!

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