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Hospitality in the Caribbean

The adventure awaits!


By Hospitality in the Caribbean


Our itinerary for this trip was completely booked! We had a time set  to engage with our different departments, and after, we had time to ourselves to enjoy the resort 🙂

However, on this particular day, we said, ” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” because this day was an adventure!

First, we got on a Catamaran, where we went snorkeling; it was so fun because I am an island girl, so jumping in the Caribbean sea made me feel like I was at home in the Turks and Caicos Islands. After the snorkeling activity, we went to Dunns River Falls, which was great! I had visited the falls before but had yet to reach the top, but this time, I did!

After the Falls, our ride back to the resort was grand! We sure danced and enjoyed ourselves; letting our hair down and enjoying the spring break festivities felt great.

Later that night, we visited the Luminous Lagoon (The brightest one of the four found in the world); this was an experience as I had never seen anything like this before in my entire life.

As I mentioned in my other blog post, learning never ends. While we visited these unique natural points, we were educated by the many tour guides knowledgeable about the different areas.

I advise anyone to visit JA and visit these spots.

Welcome to Jamaica|Arrival day

By Hospitality in the Caribbean


After several months of planning and preparation, we arrived in Jamaica. Yay! Once we completed the immigration process, refreshments were waiting for the use of the Sandals concierge at the airport. Next, the luggage was tagged, and we were on our way for a two-hour drive to Beaches Ocho Rios. Finally, we arrived on the property and were greeted by all the managers and their furry friends, Elmo and Grover. We took a few pictures with the team and then checked in. At check-in, we received cold, refreshing beverages and cold towels.
Later that evening, there was a welcome dinner on the Beach where the CEO and the Directors joined us. This dinner allowed us to network and hear about the managers’ career stories. While listening to their stories, we enjoyed some delicious authentic Jamaican food and fresh fruits. The sugar cane was terrific! A live band sang Jamaican folk songs while we danced the night away. We ended the night by watching the circus act and prepared for another exciting day.

Getting your feet wet: Exploring the Water Sport Department

By Hospitality in the Caribbean

My second department at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica was the Water Sport Department. I was able to learn a lot about what all the watersport department holds from important licenses they need to how to run their operations and all the different activities they have on site for the guests. I was able to experience the Watersport desk where I gave guests information about the tours, rented their snorkeling gears and signed them up for tours they were interested in.     

The other half of the day we got to experience the water sports themselves. I went on the glass-floor snorkeling boat trip and sailing. This was an unreal experience as I got to see flying fishes and a turtle. The whole watersport  department made sure we were learning even while having fun. I definitely   recommend anyone choosing this department If you are interested in the Ocean or would like the get your feet wet.

One big family

By Hospitality in the Caribbean

Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica is a resort that offered The FIU family a beautiful and eventful experience. What truly set this experience is the warm welcome that we received, which is a testament of becoming one big Jamaican family. 

As soon as we arrived at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica, we felt a sense of ease and relaxation. The staff members gave us a big friendly welcome, greeting us with warm smiles and making us feel right at home. This warm welcome extended throughout the entire stay, as everyone went out of their way to ensure we had the best study abroad experience. Our first night we had an incredible welcome dinner where we had our first taste of real Jamaican cuisine, which was the best way to start our journey. We met the Beaches Ocho Rios team and got familiar with some welcome speeches and introductions.

What stood out to me was the supportive environment by the staff members giving us empowerment to make decisions and take ownership during our workcation. Staff members held our hands throughout the journey but also encouraged us to take a lead into giving feedback and open communication.

The union of management at Beaches Ocho Rios Jamaica was something special and it’s clear that they new what hospitality truly meant. This study abroad was a great way to learn how Jamaica ran their resort and a great stepping stone for how other study abroad should lead.

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