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Hospitality in the Caribbean

The adventure awaits!

Adventure Time

By Hospitality in the Caribbean


The dress code was swimwear, sunscreen, shades, a beach hat, and good vibes. Next, we sailed in the catamaran to a snorkel site. I was extremely nervous as I had never snorkeled before. However, the safeguard, Andrew, guided me every step of the way. I’m so glad I faced my fear because seeing all the fish surrounding us was beautiful. After snorkeling, our next stop was Dunn’s river falls. The river is about 180 feet high and takes about one hour and 30 mins to climb. Arriving via boat made the view ten times better.

We headed towards where we met our tour guide, who helped us safely make it to the top. The water felt so amazing. After making it to the top, we headed back to the boat. Let the party begin! The boat crew welcomed us back with food, drinks, and good music. The crew sure knows how to party. After returning to the Beaches, we went to the water park for a few minutes. We later got dressed for our next water excursion, the luminous lagoon. It is one of the four in the world, and Jamaica is known to have a brightest blue color. It was exciting to see the water turn blue naturally. This was definitely “one for the books.”

Time to get to work

By Hospitality in the Caribbean


Early the following day, we got breakfast, then proceeded to the morning meeting to discuss which departments we would be in for the next two days. After the meeting, we received a resort tour from Ms. Ruth. Seeing that this was our first time on the property, this tour came in handy. During the tour, we saw the different room layouts they offer restaurants, the smoothie bar, the pool, the slide, the kids camp, and the gift shop. The tour lasted about an hour.

We then took the hotel shuttle to Sandals resort which was about 25 mins away from Beaches. Sandals is a resort solely for couples who are not couples who cannot stay at the resort. Our tour guide for this resort was Ms. Linsey. While on this property, we saw the Rabbit hole, which is only on the western side of the world. Next, we took a quick 10 min lunch on the property from the Jerk Shack. The jerk chicken, jerk sauce, and festival were terrific! After lunch, we continued our tour of the property. We took a golf cart to Romeo and Juliet suits and the hunt over the ocean with a glass bottom where people get married and can see the fish under them.

After touring the property, we had to head back to Beaches, where we split into various departments. For my first department, I chose Human Resources. The team members that work in this department welcomed me with open arms. I was given a rundown of what takes place in the department. After work, I headed down to the pool with the rest of my classmates to enjoy the rest of the evening.


Study Abroad in Jamaica

By Hospitality in the Caribbean


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This study abroad was a tremendous experience! Not only I had fun but also learned a lot about certain departments of the resort operation. I had the pleasure to observe in the kitchen as well as learn about watersports such as the different kinds of regulations and licensure. The staff from Beaches Resort were very friendly, approachable, and helpful. The food was outstanding!

The videos attached are some of the trip highlights. I highly encourage going to Jamaica to study abroad.

Friends take on Spring Break in Jamaica!!!

By Hospitality in the Caribbean


Jamaica was an experience like no other! From the minute we arrived to the minute we left it was a family and felt like home. We were welcomed with the managers waiting for us at the front and with Elmo and the characters! We then went on to have a lovely dinner located on the beach that the employees were able to set up and join us while being able to share there stories about themselves, the resort, and the island. Day number two started with a buffet breakfast with a beautiful view of the pool and afterwards we were able tour two beautiful resorts such as the Beaches resort and the Sandals resort which is for adult’s only. both hotel are beautiful in their own ways and give off such amazing and unique vibes like no other. We then went on to learn about the weddings and romance department which was an amazing learning experience and understanding how much goes into planning and making a wedding come to life. We then ended the day with a swim by the pool and beautiful dinner at the resorts restaurants that is over the water called Neptune!

The following day was filled with fun and adventure! We started the day with watching a re tie the knot wedding it was wonderful watching the weddings and romance department put together a magical moment for the lovely couple and to watch them have an amazing and wonderful time retying the love that they have. We then went on to enjoy the watersports that were located on the resort such as the banana boat, sailing, and of course the lovely beach! We then ended with a lovely dinner with a view of the ocean and afterwards headed to a silent white party where you were able to listen to the music through your headphones! It was defiantly an experience like no other!

The day we had all been waiting for the excursion day! we started off by taking a boat with music and food that traveled around the island and stopped in the ocean for us to be able to go snorkeling! It was an amazing experience for us to be able to view the life underneath the water! After that we went over to Duns river falls where we climb a 190 feet water fall which was cold of course but an amazing experience being able to slide down a man made slide and swim in the water! Later on that night we were able to go to Luminous Lagoon which is a bay that you are able to swim in and when you do it turns into a pretty crystal blue water! Fun fact there are only four in the world Jamacia, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, and the Bahamas.

The last two days we were able to shadow the Swim up Bar and there we were able to learn how to set up the bar, how to take down the bar, and of course how to make drinks! It was a great experience and the guests and employees were very patient with us trying to learn how to make the drinks and how to learn to set up the bar. Our final night they had put together a going away dinner where they showed us all of the pictures we took, we were able to share our experience, and share the laughter for one last night! We then ended the night with a pool party at the waterpark!!! Jamaica was an experience like no other and I would definitely recommend this trip for spring break!


By Hospitality in the Caribbean


During my time shadowing the managers of the two departments that I chose, I got to learn a lot about WOW factors. Wow, Factors creates a service experience that leaves the guest saying,” Wow, that’s cool.”

I experienced a wow factor upon arrival and departure from Beaches, Ocho Rios resort. As I mentioned in another blog, we had a hearty welcome with the music, drinks, and sesame street characters. Although that left smiles on our faces from the beginning, the card we received with a group picture and a message inside left me with,” oh wow.”

I have never visited any hotel or resort that would sing a goodbye song on the departure of their guests.

This was special, and I appreciated it to the point that I placed the card in my foyer. 😆




By Hospitality in the Caribbean


For some of us, it is a challenge to meet new people; I would have never thought that a group of strangers in the same age group as me would have so much influence over my life. I love meeting new people and learning about the things they are interested in, how they influence how they live their lives, and also some things we have in common.

This study abroad program created bonds and connections I pray never to lose. Having several social relationships can open your heart and mind to many things beyond your wildest dreams!

Thank you, Professor Dodge and Dawn, for being there with us every step of the way, and thank you, my classmates, for showing love and compassion! Your guys are incredible.❤️


By Hospitality in the Caribbean


I would lie if I said I was not there for the food. An all-inclusive resort with different restaurants you can eat at is in my top two.

From Jamaican cuisine to Mediterranean cuisine and French cuisine, you can not beat that. I sure did eat and drink anything that was accessible to me.

We had breakfast every day to get our days started with a great foundation, but I am not into breakfast as much, but I would always go and get some fresh fruits from the buffet I loved. Later, lunch was provided at the buffet and night dinner, so we ate around the clock!

I was in hog heaven:)

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