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By November 11, 2018November 21st, 2018Marriott Tianjin China Program – Fall 2018

Xiangshan Mountain

It is now November and it’s becoming cool, especially when the wind blows.  I now have tests, projects, and presentations. I must say, the professors are here to help. My first test I didn’t do well. However, when it was time for the second test, my Mid-Term exam, my professor let me take it on a different day along with other students who needed a different day because I told her I had back to back exams and felt overwhelmed. I later took the exam and scored a 97. The professors want you to do well and are willing to work with you. After my mid-term exams, I went on a class field trip to the country side of Beijing to see the Xiangshan Mountain. It was very beautiful. I must say, there was a swarm of people like moving ants everywhere because China has so many people, especially to see beautiful destination spots.                           

For Halloween I stayed at school to study for my makeup midterm that I scored a 97 on. However, although I didn’t leave school, I went to the badminton court in the gym and played with my Chinese friend. We took funny spooky pictures for Halloween.

You can paint your nails, go to the movies, and the mall. It is a nice experience. There are also many places to eat. The picture with the Christmas lights is at a restaurant inside of Joy City Mall. Joy City Mall is a popular mall that we have all been to. This mall has six floors of greatness! If you do this study abroad program, I recommend you go there. They have some of the same brands and stores in Miami’s malls such as H&M, Nike, Gucci, etc. You can live a regular life here in China, and I recommend anyone to take this study abroad trip!                                                        

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