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Greece Pre-Departure

I’m really excited and lucky be have had the opportunity to go on a study aboard. with this being my first time being out of the country and travelling alone, this trip has been full of a lot of firsts so far and I’m excited to see what else it has in store for me.


I’m hoping to see how Greek culture interfaces with the ways of hospitality and tourism. I’m expecting to be taught all about Greek history and culture. I’m also expecting to be sweating bullets, looking at the weather I saw it was supposed to be in the upper ninety’s all week. I’m not excited for constant sun beating down on me since I burn really easily, I’m going through at least two bottles of sunscreen. the sun aside I’m expecting this to be a really cool experience to meet new people and see a part of the world I don’t think I would get to see this early in my life.

What Have I Packed

I didn’t pack too much, I pretty much followed the the list that was given to me by the school. I didn’t pack too heavy, I Packed 5 stets of street clothes, just so i can mix and match outfits and not have to worry about suitcase space. I also packed a set of formal wear, my toiletries, and a pillow. just in case i would need it. my suitcase is on the larger size so i should have enough space for some souvenirs.

What I think I forgot

I know for a fact that I forgot my inhaler, its not too big of a deal but I would have been nice to have. Going through my bags I don’t think I forgot anything else, I was very thorough in checking my bag and making sure everything that i needed was there.

Plans for after the trip

After the trip I would love to look into maybe another study abroad, maybe not immediately after but I would not pass up another opportunity to travel out of the country like this. it doesn’t even need to be a study abroad, I would love to just travel in general. since this is my first going to Europe I’m not going to maker it my last. I hope to be able to get out and explore more after I graduate from Montco.


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