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Goodbye Rainy Miami, Hello Cold Tianjin

Hello! My name is Nicole Garcia and this is the first trip I am taking without my parents, and this is also my first time to travel to Asia! A few months before the trip, I started purchasing winter clothes, medicine, etc. I will be sharing my journey and experience alongside with my twin sister, Angely, who I am very happy to share my experience with.

Since my theme is small victories, I will be sharing my experience pre-departure of the trip. After submitting all of the important documents, I began purchasing necessities for the cold weather in China. Now, looking for the right winter coat was the hardest for me to find. Since I live in Miami, it is not very common in buying winter clothes since we are known for having hot or rainy weather. But luckily, after searching for weeks, I was able to buy most of my winter clothes and coat online, what a victory! I was able to pack 2 checked bags and my backpack (as a personal item) and I am ready to go and start the New Year in China!

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