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Good Times! Good vibes! Day 5

By December 17, 2014December 19th, 2014London

Day breaks and I can honestly say I’m in one of my top favorite places in the world – from the historical architecture, to the diversity. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a city where princes and princesses are actually a thing?

We got to  explore the tourist side of London on Monday, and boy did I explore! I have reached pedometer goals to show for it. On Monday 37,000 steps were made;  yesterday, only 28,000. Double rewards are happening, touring and my daily cardio coexist.

Traveling is vital for my existence and although taking tours are amazing, I truly feel alive experiencing a place like a local. So I love to ask people from here for recommendations.   I have been steered by British college students towards indulging in the true essence of London on a budget and like a college student by going to  areas like Brixton Market, to explore London Caribbean culture, or Piccadilly Circus to explore London’s nightlife.

Monday night I went to Harrods. It was nirvana! To see all the super luxury  brands housed together was like candy at a candy store. I cannot afford a majority of the brands offered but talk about motivation. We experienced  true luxury brands of the world, signed Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed’s memorial – transcribing my existence  at that location – and creating a shopping wishlist well over my annual income.  Later, we headed off to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. This place  seriously puts fairs back home to shame!

As for yesterday, it seemed like a blur because my feet were starting to feel tourist fatigue.  I was not going to let that stop me from getting my full experience. Mind over matter, gel inserts, and a rewarding foot soak with a nice cup of peppermint tea is all I needed.

Today is Wednesday and I just came from watching the “Book of Mormon.”  It was absolutely  amazing. Broadway has a special sentiment for me. It was once my life’s  passion to pursue theater and still remains in my childhood memories.

I am honestly most grateful that I get to experience  this with awesome people — all like-minded and super outgoing. They’re from all diverse groups and backgrounds, but the common denominator that we all share makes this the most cohesive trip I’ve ever been on.   My London story is still being written, and I plan to create amazing memories with amazing people. Also this trip  has made me realize the global opportunities of hospitality and how the world is my oyster.


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