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Golden Week!

By October 13, 2016October 19th, 2016Marriott Tianjin China Program

Hi everyone!

I know that back in Miami, FIU students do not have a week off in the fall semester. But guess what?  We do here in China!! It is a time of relaxation, traveling, and karaoke, which is what I mostly did on Golden Week, but I do not have pictures because the rooms were dark. Not only did I go karaoke, but I went to different restaurants. Below are pictures that I took of my food. The last picture is one of the restaurants that was introduced to me by a Chinese student at FIU.  It is called hotpot, where you order different meats, veggies and other ingredients and the person starts to put them into this boiling pot in the middle. Delicious!

Another place that I went to and I loved very much was Korean BBQ! It is located inside a mall on the fourth floor and it is located very close to campus; but I could not get the name because it was in Korean (I am very sorry). I also spent the weekend in Beijing, and as you can see from the pictures below, I spent it with my friend, Angie. It is her hometown and she showed me different temples, and we ate delicious noodles. Yummy! They took this picture of me in a traditional Chinese dress when I was passing by a booth in a street market. That is what I mostly did on Golden Week, and let me just say it was great! I hope to have more of this amazing adventures. Which reminds me, we are half-way through the semester, and I do not want to leave! Until next time!

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