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Golden Week in Thailand!

By October 13, 2016October 19th, 2016Marriott Tianjin China Program

Hello again! We are back from our Golden Week break, and I’d like to say it was one of the best weeks of my entire life! Seven of us decided to take advantage of this mini vacation and visit various cities in Thailand. So on the Sunday starting off the week, we flew out to Bangkok from Beijing. We did a lot of walking and visited the Grand Palace, the Reclining Buddha, and Little India. I was so impressed by how detailed everything is, and in such a large scale. I couldn’t help but think about how much hard work it took to build it all. After Bangkok, we took a 14 hour night train to Chiang Mai where we then rented motorized scooters and just rode around the city and did some shopping. However the next day was an unforgettable one. We spent the day at an elephant sanctuary where we fed the elephant’s bananas, made and fed them medicinal snacks, gave them a mud bath, and bathed with them in the river. After that, we caught a flight to Phuket, where we explored some more and saw the Big Buddha, and then took a ferry to Phi Phi Islands. Here we spent a night aboard a boat on Maya Bay, something I never thought I would say, and was able to swim at night with the bio-luminescent plankton. Once we woke up, we got on another ferry and headed out to our last destination, Krabi. Here we just relaxed by the beach and enjoyed a traditional Thai massage.

Thanks to this experience, I was able to see a different culture, helping me enhance my knowledge of different kinds of people. With this on my back, it will definitely help me in the hospitality industry because I will know that not everyone reacts the same to different things. I will be able to adapt to various kinds of situations and be able to solve any issues that may arise. This week was most definitely an unforgettable one, and I will recommend it to anyone.

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